Marrying Young

Tis the season for getting engaged. Whether you’re 20 or 40, it seems like winter is the most popular season to pop the question. I recently became one of these people, and got engaged right before Christmas at 19. Although we don’t plan on tying the knot until we’re both 21, we’ve already seen and dealt with those that are against the idea of marrying young. Whether it’s because we “aren’t mature enough”, “don’t know who we are yet”, or are just simply too young, there are plenty of opinions and statistics out there that tell you marrying young usually ends in divorce. I feel like that’s a very unfair judgement to make on someone else’s relationship.

First off, people mature at different levels. Yes there are a lot of rowdy college students, but there are also some that work hard and know that life isn’t just all about having fun anymore. Some 30 year olds act more immature than some 20 year olds, it all depends on the person. Being in a serious relationship can also help a person mature faster. They realize they have to consider their significant other instead of just themselves now, and that is one of the most important things.

The second thing I’ve seen come up a lot lately is the idea that at 19, you have no idea who you are yet as a person. You (apparently) change a lot in your 20s, and the person you fall in love with may do a 180 in the years ahead. My advice? Change TOGETHER. Depending on how long you’ve been together, you already know a lot about your bf/gf and can relate to his/her likes and dislikes. If one of you wants to move across the country or pick up a completely different activity, talk about it and work through things together. I truly believe communication is the key to a successful relationship, and if both people take their talks seriously, you can work through anything.

I am not a religious person, but I really have been blessed with the best possible match for me. They say once you’re married, you fight a lot about finances, life habits, and irritations, and I can honestly say we have worked through all of these and more. We have been living together for a year now and balance household chores; we have dealt with unemployment and bills together; we have helped each other through family hardships and even friendship struggles. But the biggest thing I’m thankful for is the fact that my fiance will always be there to sit down and listen to me rant. If I have a problem with something, he will listen and we will fix things together. When I go on one of my overemotional tangents, he is there to make me laugh. He is not one to turn away at the sight of trouble. As far as change goes, we are practically identical when it comes to our views on the big things like drinking and gambling, and have already discussed what we both want for the future when it comes to living arrangements and our family. We are both away at college working toward degrees while paying for our own tuition, rent, food, car, and phones; we know how to work through our problems and have a plan for our future; we love each other and wish to spend the rest of our lives together.

What I’m trying to say here is this: don’t judge a couple just because they are young. Even if statistics or your own experiences say one thing, every person, every couple, is different. Everyone deserves the same chance at love and happiness.


One Magical Night

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I were trying to decide where to go over winter break, Disney World or Universal. Well I’m here to tell you all that we went to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in order to celebrate Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and what a night it was. I had gone to Disney when I was a lot younger, but I don’t count that because I don’t remember much. So this was technically my first ever trip to Disney, and by far the best night of my life.


We started the morning off having breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the Ohana restaurant. All you can eat eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, bread, potatoes, and juice to die for. After we finished, we took a bus to Downtown Disney for some shopping. Because the park wouldn’t let us in until 4 for the party, we wandered around a few resorts and acted like tourists (which was a lot of fun). When they finally let us in, we headed straight for the rides. We started off the day riding Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s A Small World, The Haunted Mansion, and Stitch’s Great Escape. Longest wait time was 15 minutes tops! After Stitch, we made our way back to the castle to watch the transformation. We stopped at the rose garden between the castle and Tomorrowland and had a spectacular view of the castle lighting up. That’s when true magic happened.


A photopass photographer was standing by the rose garden taking peoples’ pictures in front of the now-glowing castle, so of course we had to get one. After a few fun shots, my boyfriend told me to wait for one more picture. I turned just in time to see him get down on one knee, and ask for my hand in marriage. Then it all became a blur of me saying yes, people clapping, tears falling, and lots of laughs ❤ I was so speechless afterword that we took a break from rides as I bombarded him with questions and continued to freak out. He truly made my first trip to Disney a magical experience, and we finished off the night riding the big roller coasters and watching the Christmas parade. 12/19/13. A night I will never forget ❤


Disney World Or Universal Studios?

Alright readers I need your help. In December I have plans to go down to Florida to spend a week with my boyfriend and his family for Christmas. While we are there, we have the option of splurging on a trip to either Disney World or Universal Studios. So I’m asking you all, what would you do?

Here’s the thing: I have never been to either. Well, okay I went to Disney when I was like 2 so I guess technically I have been there….but that doesn’t count. I don’t remember anything. So I feel like I need to go to Disney. However Universal is cheaper and is offering a special right now “buy a two day ticket get the third day free”. If we went to Disney, it would only be for one day in the Magic Kingdom, but we would do the Christmas special (parade, fireworks, shows etc). However I’ve heard that Universal is better for the older crowd and has more rides (plus HP world). YOU SEE MY DILEMMA?!?!

So I am turning to you, my lovely readers, for help. What would you do? Here are the simplified comparisons to help you:

Disney: 1 day in Magic Kingdom with Mickey’s Christmas Special for $162

Universal: 3 days in both parks for $158

The 20/20 Experience: Part 2

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I’m a pretty big fan of Justin Timberlake. I’ve loved him since his time with Nsync, and I’ve loved him over the years as a solo artist. When the first 20/20 Experience came out, I was ecstatic. However after I bought it, I was a tad disappointed. They weren’t bad they just weren’t….good. Nothing really grabbed my attention and became catchy (aside from Mirrors and Suit & Tie which were all over the radio). The one song I thought I liked at first, Let the Groove Get In, got so repetitive after the first 30 seconds I couldn’t even handle it. The others just had such a mellow tune and dragged on for many unneeded minutes, I just got bored. So while I was excited with the announcement of 20/20 Experience Part 2, I was also skeptical. However with itunes money to spend and an obsession with JT, I bought it anyway.

Review in a nutshell: It is SO much better than the first one.

I am so glad this second album exists. I have been listening to it constantly the past few days. I can’t even name a favorite because they are all so catchy, but my tops are TKO, True Blood, Gimme What I Don’t Know, and Not A Bad Thing. I feel like this album screams Justin a lot more than the first one. While his songs do still drag on for 5-7, even 10 minutes, at least they are more entertaining to listen to. They don’t put me to sleep after 2 minutes. So if you were skeptic about this album like me, or even if you loved the first one, you will definitely like the second one. It’s a lot more upbeat and reminds me more of JT. If you would like to take a listen, just hit the link below. Credit goes to the guy who uploaded this video and also Justin.

My Fan Family

One of the best things I did last year was join the Matchbox Twenty fan club. Not only because I love the band and it gave me access to special content, but because I made friends that shared the same interests as I did. I got to obsess over MB20 with other obsessers and didn’t feel out of place! Although we are scattered all across the globe, I still connect with them through the fan club boards and twitter. The people I met are all amazing and I really am glad I got to know them, even if it was just online.

I think everyone should invest in a fan club membership for someone they love. It is a chance to meet others like you and bond over things you may not be able to with friends and family. I have even shared heartbreaks with some of these other fans! Aside from the friendships you make, you also get a chance to see exclusive content only for fan club members. Behind the scenes albums, special videos, contests, there is so much for these clubs to offer. Some even give fans first chance at concert tickets before they go on sale to the general public! Definitely the best $20 I ever spent.

I will definitely be renewing my subscription when my time runs up, and encourage you all to invest. I’m not trying to be a salesperson here, I’m just talking from personal experiences. Fan clubs are awesome and a lot of fun. Here is a list of some of my favorite bands that I wouldn’t mind being a fan of in the future.

Matchbox Twenty

Goo Goo Dolls

Justin Timberlake


Keith Urban




Day 3 Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Fear not, I am still human. Although I may not last much longer. On Sunday at exactly 12:01am, zombies started to take over Aurora University. Us humans have until Thursday at 4:30 to survive. If not, the zombies win.

Humans vs Zombies is a week-long game of tag the marketing association puts on every year here at AU. It starts on Sunday with only 1 zombie, but grows quickly. The rules are simple: zombies must tag a human every 24 hours to stay alive (it’s called feeding). Humans are identified by their blue ribbons, and zombies by their red ones. Humans are allowed to defend themselves by throwing socks at the zombies, stunning them for 15 minutes. You are only safe in classroom buildings and the library, everywhere else is fair game. You can’t be tagged while you’re at work, or while you’re naked. Is it fun? Yes. Am I paranoid? Absolutely! Zombies could be anywhere! In trees, behind doors, under your car etc. It’s nerve-wracking walking to class because you have to watch your back at all times. There are also daily missions to complete which requires you to be out in the open and vulnerable to the zombies. If you fail the mission? Well….the zombies get to feed. If you win, you get immunity for a certain amount of hours. It is the most successful event at AU, and I can see why.

Hopefully I can at least survive the day, but who knows what will become of me tomorrow. I don’t want to become a zombie, but then again the paranoia will be gone if I am. So we’ll see.

Wait. 50 Degrees Still Exists?

I live near Chicago, Illinois where winter usually starts in October and lasts until May. Me being the cold-blooded human that I am, freeze to death most of the year. I would like the temperatures in the 70s all year round, and for a while it seemed like I was getting my wish. We have only had one “cold” day since I started classes back in August, and even then it was like a low of 62. Needless to say I have been very happy 🙂


Sadly though, it looks like my happiness is about to end. Next week is supposed to be in the low 50s. 50s!!!! I haven’t seen the temperature be below 60 since last winter! It makes me sad to have to pack away all my cute summer clothes and drag out my bulky winter clothes. I’m not ready to handle the cold. My poorly circulated body is going to freeze! I’m going to have to start wearing gloves to class and hats when I go out on tours. Kudos to the people living in Alaska and the Arctics. I would never survive. Don’t get me wrong, I like winter. I love the snow, and I definitely would not want to live in the south where it’s 100 degrees and humid in the summer, but I hate being cold. I have to wear multiple layers of everything in the winter in order to keep myself from literally freezing. While everyone else is really excited for the cooler weather, I am dreading it. I guess I’m thankful it’s held off this long, but I’m already thinking about next summer. It’s just so much nicer and everyone is in a much better mood. Hopefully this winter doesn’t last as long as previous ones, but until then, everyone stay warm!

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